Objective of We Love AAO2

We want to get activity back into Americas Army 2.8.5 and herby try to get as many people interested in the game as we can and maybe even get back old players and Clans. To maintain fairness every user is required to apply for this site before getting access. We are a hackerfree and friendly community and will do everything to make sure that it will stay this way. Users who are not fully accepted will still be able to use this site but they will not have access to every part of the site. For those who are accepted there will be more than enough to do but that will remain secret for now.

What does We Love AAO2 offer?

We will offer you a new and improved AAO2 tracker, leagues, cups, events, interviews, lotteries and of course a friendly and helpful community. There will be a variety of awards and achievements through which the users can show off how good and fair they play. Teams will be able to challenge other teams and bring back a fair and hackfree competitive scene. Every player will have the opportunity to build a unique profile but again we do not want to give away everything just yet!

Further details will follow…
So in the meantime stay tuned and play fair